SCRAP Block Party Fundraiser

SCRAP Creative Reuse represents a community and a mindset to help people, planet, and a sense of place. Each site represents a different “Block”, or neighborhood, but they all connect for the larger community.

Donations will be stretched in the community - we'll be donating materials to local partner organizations, so your financial contributions make an even larger positive community impact!

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SCRAP Gives Back for our Block Party Fundraiser!

Our Creative Reuse Centers will be providing reuse materials and programming to partner organizations in our communities. We believe creative and reuse materials should be available and affordable to all! We are excited to partner with some amazing organizations and provide important materials and resources to them.

Your donations in our End of Year Fundraiser will directly impact this program! You can support our multiple nonprofits with 1 donation and your community support goes even further!

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SCRAP Creative Reuse Block Party Coloring Book!

We asked our communities to submit coloring pages for our 2021 Block Party Fundraiser & here they are! We are asking for a pay-what-you-want donation for the coloring page downloads!

Get yours here!

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