SCRAP Block Party Fundraiser

SCRAP Creative Reuse represents a community and a mindset to help people, planet, and a sense of place. Each site represents a different “Block”, or neighborhood, but they all connect for the larger community.

Donations will be stretched in the community - we'll be donating materials to local partner organizations, so your financial contributions make an even larger positive community impact!

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Join Our Coloring Page Project & Support SCRAP With Art!

Join our Coloring Pages project and submit your own Block Party Themed Coloring Pages to help us reach our fundraising goals! 

General ideas/themesBlock party, picnic, community table, community fun, arts & crafts, school supplies, reuse (circular cycle), artist tools, yarn, fabric, sewing, paint, googly eyes and kids craft supplies, rainbow colors, eco-friendly. 

Submissions will be compiled and made available for download/purchase with donations in December! 

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