The SCRAP Creative Reuse Board of Directors oversee strategic planning and fiduciary responsibility of the national organization. The Board of Directors provide financial and technical support, through organizational planning and development, fundraising, and grant assistance to sites within the national network. 

SCRAP Creative Reuse is fortunate to be led by a board of directors that is accomplished, engaged, and passionate about our mission.  Our board meets monthly and is located across the country near SCRAP locations in Portland OR, Richmond VA, Baltimore MD, and Ann Arbor, MI. 


Tibora Girczyc-Blum


Tibora is a creative strategist specializing in the intersection of sustainability and art, nonprofits and business and education & communication with Tuesday Tumbleweed. She is passionate about the resourcefulness and creativity inspired by the creative reuse of materials, particularly within the education programs of SCRAP Creative Reuse. She has been involved with SCRAP in a variety of roles and is proud to serve as Board Chair. 





Sharon is a mixed media artist specializing in abstract collage and acrylic painting.  Raised in New Jersey, she lived in Boston and Los Angeles prior to moving to Portland, Oregon where she lived for 22 years. Sharon now resides in Washington, DC. After earning undergraduate and graduate degrees in urban planning from Tufts University, and MIT, she worked in the urban transit and planning field for over 25 years, and engaged in a parallel pursuit of art. She has been a full-time artist since 1999, teaching and showing her own work in galleries and exhibitions in the Pacific Northwest and Washington, DC. Sharon has also been a mural artist, an arts program manager, art events coordinator and gallery manager.




After retiring from her career in Corporate Finance, Karen finally has enough time to devote to her crafting.  Her primary hobby is collecting craft supplies (thanks to SCRAP!), which she uses to make cards, packaging, favors, and party decorations.  Karen was raised in Anchorage, Alaska but has loved living in Oregon since 1981.  When not crafting, Karen enjoys reading, organizing, wine tasting, and traveling with her husband.




The eco-effectiveness is what drew Melissa to SCRAP. The passion for reuse with a creative twist that nudges our community towards a behavioral transition to sustainable practices in their day to day. Melissa loves art and nature. She is a long-time volunteer for Portland Metro’s Parks and Green Space and former arts board member and uses what personal time is left to make art with her daughter. She finds it deeply enriching to be part of the larger creative community that has an eco-focus. As an IT Project Manager by day, she will use her strategic planning, project execution, and technology background to help SCRAP on its journey of growth and community engagement.


Shifrah Nenner


Shifrah spent most of her software engineering career in the automotive industry working with teams dedicated to making cars cleaner and more efficient. A commitment to the environment was a huge part of her working life which continues in retirement by her volunteering at SCRAP. She enjoys finding creative ways to use the variety materials found at SCRAP and is in awe of the creative people she meets there. In addition to her time at SCRAP Shifrah enjoys hiking, spending time with friends, and traveling. A life-long Michigander, originally from the city of Detroit she moved to Ann Arbor to attend university and has lived there ever since.


Tai Calandriello


Tai is a strategy and operations executive, with over 20 years of experience in a diversity of industries and companies, including Oregon Lottery and Nike. She started her career in marketing and design, and has combined design and systems thinking skills with concepts like Lean and Agile to build operational engines to scale and optimize organizations, improve customer experiences and grow revenue. She has also worked as an internal and external consultant to boards, startups, and established for profit and nonprofit companies to develop and deliver strategic plans driving competitive advantage through research and insights. She has a graduate business degree in management from Harvard University, and is a practicing artist and designer with a studio filled with SCRAP treasures. She currently serves as the Chief Operations Officer of the Oregon Lottery.


Alison Backus


Alison has over twelve years of experience in the craft industry in both marketing and developing multimedia educational materials. They graduated with a BA degree in Biology from Carleton College in 2002 and received their MFA in science filmmaking and communication in 2006 from MSU-Bozeman in partnership with The Discovery Channel. Their graduate program focused on effectively communicating complex topics to the public, and they hope to use this expertise to help spread the word about SCRAP’s sustainable reuse mission.


Rachel Kassman


Rachel is a dedicated grants professional with 10+ years of experience working with nonprofits. She is an avid crafter and cook and working on developing a green thumb. SCRAP's emphasis on re-use and joyful creativity brought her in as a volunteer and now as a Board Member. She is looking forward to supporting SCRAP in all its efforts, particularly in helping build a stable financial foundation for the organization.




Rhiannon is a knitter, sewist, and crafter who is passionate about slower living. She discovered SCRAP while living in Portland, and now lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her interests in fashion, environmentalism, and anti-capitalist commerce have led her to become more active in the knitting community, as a knitwear designer and instructor, podcaster, and member of a slow fashion group.

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