Tibora Girczyc-Blum


Tibora is a creative strategist specializing in the intersection of sustainability and art, nonprofits and business and education & communication with Tuesday Tumbleweed. She is passionate about the resourcefulness and creativity inspired by the creative reuse of materials, particularly within the education programs of SCRAP Creative Reuse. She has been involved with SCRAP in a variety of roles and is proud to serve as Board Chair. 


Emily Posner


Emily is a user experience designer, strategist, and operations leader at Adobe. She has over a decade of experience in the tech industry and has worked in a variety of roles across startups and enterprises. Emily is optimistic about the future of creative reuse and its potential to inspire more sustainable ways of consumption. She’s excited to serve on the Board, and is particularly passionate about helping SCRAP develop strong and sustainable operating practices. In her free time, you’ll likely find Emily on the trails by the James River with her canine companion. 


Jessica Cichowlas


Originating from the southeast area of Michigan, Jessica has worked for various nonprofits building a sense of community and empowerment to work towards social impact. In her free time, she enjoys all things outside and in the natural world, discovering (and experimenting with) new recipes, working in gardens, and being with her partner and animals. Being involved at SCRAP allows her to combine her passion for sustainability and creativity to advocate for the importance of repurposing materials and minimizing waste. 


Molly Kenzie


~ Info Coming Soon ~



Rachel Kassman


Rachel is a dedicated grants professional with 10+ years of experience working with nonprofits. She is an avid crafter and cook and working on developing a green thumb. SCRAP's emphasis on re-use and joyful creativity brought her in as a volunteer and now as a Board Member. She is looking forward to supporting SCRAP in all its efforts, particularly in helping build a stable financial foundation for the organization.


Kim Chiarchiaro


Graduate of NYU, Kim has always made a point to surround herself with communities of creative and thoughtful people. With her two kids out of the house and on their own, she has more time to craft, volunteer, and think about ways materials in our everyday life can be reused and recycled. When she isn’t behind the counter you will find her sewing with the fabrics she’s rummaged for at the store and traveling the globe. After furnishing a house with all reclaimed items and furniture she is looking for that next big (or small) project.


Nerrisa Sardi


Nerissa is a Portland-based marketing executive and strategic business advisor with 20 years’ experience for global tech companies, and for consumer brands in music, learning, and healthcare. Originally from the Austin, Texas and the Bay Area, Nerissa has served as arts chair, and voluntary advisory board member for non-profits in the music, arts, and senior-care space. She brings a passion for visual design, inclusivity, and the use of design thinking to foster pursuit of creativity and curiosity through art and music. 


Elizabeth Moore


Elizabeth is passionate about fulfilling consumer needs and enriching lives, whatever form that may take.  Often referring to herself as a "recovered accountant," Elizabeth left the world of public accounting and transitioned to Brand Marketing16 years ago. Since making the change Elizabeth has lead both Marketing and Strategy in multiple categories including Ice Cream, Hair Care, Kombucha, and Pancakes! She is also an expert knitter, avid home DIY-er, and spends her free time hiking in and around Portland with her partner in crime, a brindle Pitbull Virginia. A firm believer in being a community citizen, Elizabeth volunteers at SCRAP PDX monthly and is honored to be a member of the Board of Directors for an organization that is the perfect blend of both sustainable and creative. She and her husband are avid supporters of animal rescue and also have two rescue cats and an Envigo Beagle. 




After retiring from her career in Corporate Finance, Karen finally has enough time to devote to her crafting.  Her primary hobby is collecting craft supplies (thanks to SCRAP!), which she uses to make cards, packaging, favors, and party decorations.  Karen was raised in Anchorage, Alaska but has loved living in Oregon since 1981.  When not crafting, Karen enjoys reading, organizing, wine tasting, and traveling with her husband.

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