Virtual Private Events and Workshops

Invite SCRAP to your party or private event and let us guide you through a fun creative reuse craft while you enjoy the company of your family, friends, or coworkers. A package includes all the materials you will need and instruction via Zoom. These projects are great for beginners and crafters of all ages.

Fill out our form below and the education program coordinator will contact you within two business days of receiving the form to confirm a date and time for your workshop. Please note that completing this form is NOT a reservation for your workshop.

Registration for a virtual workshop includes most of the materials, which can be shipped to you. We will provide a list in advance of any materials needed that are not included. 


Gnomes and their Homes

Create your own Cork Gnomes and their cute Gnome Homes with this fun creative reuse craft! We provide the materials for you to make a family of cork gnomes, and a woodland themed diorama kit filled with fun creative reuse craft materials from SCRAP.

This is a family-friendly activity and is suitable for ages 5+


Zines + DIY Envelopes

Create your own Zines with our DIY Zine making workshop. These miniature magazines can be about anything you want! We'll also teach you a simple way to reuse old calendars and make adorable handmade envelopes so you can mail your zines to friends and family. 

This is a family-friendly activity and is suitable for ages 5+


Mythical monsters

Create your own Mythical Monsters and magical creatures! Use your creative side to make a unique monster of your own design. Use your knowledge of myths and legends to inspire your very own. We'll make some fun Monster snacks and accessories too! 

This is a family-friendly activity and is suitable for ages 5+


Zipper Flowers

Create flowers using zippers in this fun & simple sewing project! This is a great way to creatively reuse extra zippers you have, while creating an entirely new accessory. You can use these zipper flowers to accessorize outfits, and they make great gifts!

This is a family-friendly activity and is suitable for ages 8+

Have a different craft idea?

Let us know and maybe we can make it happen!

We can work with you to develop Private Workshop Activities such as dioramas, weaving crafts, bug or robot kits, fabric portraits, and more!

We can develop Private Workshops that incorporate our SCRAP Guides 

Please note: submitting a planning form does not confirm your Private Workshop booking. Questions? Email: