These programs inspire art and creativity incorporated into Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math studies. Develop cross-curricular connections with a focus on Art & Creativity. 

  • Build STEAM Literacy and 21st century competencies with multiple entry points to open-ended projects.
  • Empower Educators to teach STEAM: provide educators with resources to bring creative reuse into their classrooms. 
  • Empower Students to use engineering processes to develop a project using the materials provided. 

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Creative Wellness

These programs look at meditative art, therapeutic art practice, and creative wellness, and teach lessons to help relieve stress and anxiety through creative artmaking. There is an inherent healing power of the creative process of art making and self-expression.  

  • Art making is an opportunity to express oneself.  
  • The creative process, in and of itself, can be a health-enhancing and growth-producing experience.

Creative behaviors contribute to good mental health, helping people of all ages become more adaptive, resilient, and productive when confronted with life’s stresses.

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Resourcefulness & Entrepreneurship

These programs teach sustainable living tipstechniques, and projects, and inspire young/new maker entrepreneurship skills.

  • Ideas are an entrepreneur’s fuel: provide access and opportunity for creative reuse and build perseverance, creativity, curiosity, teamwork, problem solving, expression and communication through hands-on experiences in makers-spaces.  
  • Build their strengths as compassionate leaders. 
  • Reuse education focused programs including opportunities to educate our community about the concepts of waste reduction, and reuse as a community resource. 

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Arts & Crafts

These programs inspire creative reuse in artmaking, teach a new craft or skill, and think of new ways to add reuse materials into art practices. 

  • Activities for our communities to have fun and learn more about creative reuse crafting from our studios, kits, lesson plans, and pop-up events to share projects and craft ideas. 
  • Inventing, making, and bringing creative ideas to life with free-create time, staff led projects, and opportunities to learn new craft skills.

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Planet & Play

These programs inspire creativity and play in the natural world, investigating nature and playing creatively and sustainably in our surrounding environments.

  • When humans have a relationship with the outside world, they care about it. We connect through Place, Seasonality, Naturalists, and Nature Journaling.
  • Play allows us to feel free to explore and express ourselves without self-judgment or inhibition, to participate for the sheer joy of the experience, and to think creatively, flexibly, and innovatively. 

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We develop lesson plans and offer programming with these SCRAP Guides in mind.
We can adapt and adjust lesson plans, programming, and resources to focus on particular SCRAP GUIDES.